Monday, December 14


Starting at 8:17 AM PST, the Moon will join the Sun in exact degree conjunction, producing a new Moon. This will occur in the nakshatra known as the ‘senior-most,’ or ‘eldest,’ called Jyestha, in the final degree of Scorpio.


A new Moon is akin to an eclipse, which will be happening for parts of the southern hemisphere, whereby the light otherwise caught and reflected by the Moon, is blocked. Take this time to weed in your garden, clean your home, and remove any belonging that is no longer serving your highest good. This new Moon is also a great time for unsubscribing yourself from unconscious habits and patterns, and eliminating certain foods from your diet that may only serve your lust, but not your body. In a general sense, therapies focused around reduction, and ‘addition through subtraction’ will be amplified in their efficacy during the remainder of 2020.


Rather than indulging in holiday sales and purchasing new tools or toys for yourself, consider investing with your money instead; put a portion of your money into crypto currency, vegetable and flower seeds for a springtime garden, or courses to earn degrees or certifications. And in the spirit of the holiday season, find ways to regift, upcycle, or craft presents for those you cherish; if necessary, support small-businesses, independent crafts-people, and those who source their supplies on a smaller, more ethical scale when transacting your money. The only true democracy left these days is in the power of your dollar, so spend it like you’re casting your vote, because you are!


Saturday, December 21


At 8:00 AM PST, Jupiter and Saturn will reach their exact degree of conjunction, coinciding with the Winter Solstice. These slow moving, outer planets will connect in perfect conjunction under the Uttarasadha nakshatra of Capricorn.


Capricorn is a cardinal Earth sign, relating to the landscape of basic civilizations. Rivers and deltas are globally valued as many cities and towns are built around the conditions they present, and as such are signifiers of Capricorn. Construction from this primal, foundational lens is reflected in Capricorn, relating to job sites, new structures, political agreements, and any level that underpins a more expansive desire.


The magic of this conjunction is in the polarity between Jupiter and Saturn. These are the two most outer planets visible to the naked eye, and represent different ways of connecting to our spiritual center (the Sun). Jupiter expands our spirit through wisdom, seeking, abundance, and travel, while Saturn contracts our experience by teaching non-attachment through loss, and empathy through personal suffering.


The stalemate between lawmakers in Washington D.C. as they attempt to pass a second Covid relief package to aid those affected by lockdown regulations, (which is draining the life out of the free market economy, and simultaneously fostering the income of mega conglomerate corporations like Amazon, Costco, Wallmart, and many more), is a clear reflection of this conjunction. Basically, a humanitarian perspective to provide financial support is butting heads with a fickle and slow moving perspective to temper the boons with a more hardened attitude of letting the people suffer and figure things out on their own. This is classic Jupiter v. Saturn at play. And as above, so below…so how is this mandala reflecting in the personal experience? The middle path is undefeated in its ability to weather the storms and walk slowly in a clear path. Taking the insight from your meditations during this new Moon/eclipse portal, remove your mind from the worries of tomorrow and the aches of yesterday to arrive with purpose in each step. Be in love with wherever you are, whatever work is in front of you, and whoever is around you. Happy trails,






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Image Credit: Buddhistdoor

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