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What's My Dosha?



You know how some things work for other people and don't work for you?

Maybe it's spicy food? Or being a night owl?

Different doshas!

Take this fun little quiz and we will email you some insights and recipes for your dosha.

What's Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is about using food, herbs, and lifestyle techniques to enhance well-being and resolve health issues.

It's been practiced for over five thousand years!

What We Do


We learn together what’s going on with you by talking and assessing your pulses and your dosha. Then we create a plan with foods, herbs, lifestyle shifts, and Yoga.


Abhayanga is relaxing warm oil massage given to increase circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, improve joint health, calm the nervous system and improve skin tone.


A soothing stream of warm oil is poured over the forehead and onto your sixth chakra, your intuitive energetic center. It calms the central nervous system and integrates the mind and body.


Fun community-based events monthly in Santa Cruz
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Mood and Food

Mood and Food

An event for your Mind, Body and Soul Join us for an interactive & fun community event at Pacific Cultural Center on Saturday, August 21st from 10-2. This meal that heals will show you how food affects your emotions and how you can shift your eating habits to...

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