The seventh and final chakra is the Crown chakra. If you haven’t done so already, we highly encourage you to take a few minutes to read through our other articles “Aligning Chakras” as all seven energies work together in a divine orchestration. The Crown chakra extends beyond the mind. Understanding the six previous energies is important.

            According to Ayurveda, our bodies are aligned with seven energies that are connected to our nervous systems. These energies are called Chakras. Chakras connect the mind, the body, and the consciousness together in order to create balance and wholeness. Each chakra houses different experiences and information that is unique to the individual. This information is communicated to our nervous systems and dictates our thoughts, actions, emotions and feelings. The seven Chakras consist of: The Root chakra, the Sacral chakra, Solar plexus chakra, Heart chakra, Throat chakra, Third eye chakra, and the Crown chakra. The Crown energy extends past the mind and is the silver cord connection to enlightenment.

Where is the Crown Chakra?

            The Crown chakra is located at the top of the head and extends upwards about three and a half feet. It governs the pineal gland, which sits in the center of the brain. This endocrine gland is responsible for receiving information about the light and dark cycle from the environment in order to produce a hormone called Melatonin. Clear communication between this system is the key to maintaining the body’s internal clock. The crown energy is responsible for the central nervous system (CNS).  The CNS controls body and mind. The CNS interprets our external environment and controls our body movement, making it imperative to have healthy communication within it. Healthy communication within your CNS starts with emotional awareness and stability.

Self Realization

            Emotional awareness and stability comes from wisdom and the ability to perceive the world around you with clarity and an unbiased perspective. This has to begin in the lower three chakras before any movement can travel into the heart and the upper three chakras. The lower three chakra are responsible for survival. The upper three are responsible for higher consciousness and enlightenment. Crown energy is the cord that connects your mind to see the beauty in all existence. It is your spiritual connection to enlightenment and wisdom. It is what allows you to ascend past just your physical body. It eliminates any physical borders that bind your awareness and allow you to expand into self-realization and bliss. It is your soul and who you are underneath your physical body! It is what sparks your quest for knowledge and truth.

Sahasrara: Silver Cord

            Each of the six chakras are connected to their own sheath of energy (kosha), however the crown energy goes beyond the koshas in the body. The koshas operate from the vibrations of the mind through a central canal. This canal runs along the spine and extends about three and a half feet from the tailbone as well as from the top of the head. This line connects an individual to the universe, providing wisdom to whoever seeks it. With all seven chakras open, energy can move freely through your spine and ascend you into bliss and enlightenment.

            Human are blessed with a freethinking mind but because of that, it can override the universal wisdom you are in connection with. This universal wisdom is why birds migrate when a storm is coming, or why animals act a certain way before an earthquake. They are tuned into a source and do not have anything blocking them from receiving that information.

Balances and Imbalances

            When your crown chakra is open, you understand that the world around you is a direct reflection of the internal world within you. You understand that you are not your story, but a soul having a human experience. You understand that you were put into this world for a purpose, not just to make a bunch of money or become famous. You were put here in order to help with something, to contribute to a more meaningful story and cause. This is what enlightenment looks like.

            However, on the other side of that, many people are closed off to the crown energy and may never achieve the bliss that comes with it. When it is blocked you become out of touch with reality and deny yourself your spiritual realm of divinity. You lack purpose and motivation and experience life without truly living it. Your focus is on material goods and your material body while completely neglecting your soul and true purpose. You lack belief and are an extreme skeptic.

            Some ways that you can open your Crown Chakra are:

  • Follow your curiosities
  • Notice the beauty of life
  • Spend time alone and in nature
  • Let go of unnecessary possessions
  • Find mindfulness in whatever you do
  • Wear violet or white as this is the color of the Crown energy
  • Aromatherapy using rosewood
  • Practice yoga, specifically corpse pose or butterfly pose
  • Realize there are no coincidences in life and everything happens for a reason

            Self-realization is the turning point in your spiritual journey. You see with open eyes and an open heart the truth about this world and the reality that we live in. It provides a new level of patience that I think is key for human survival. Being able to understand one another and that we are all at different stages of our spiritual journeys can open your heart to more love and light. This is what needs to be cultivated in our environment now more than ever.

            If you would like to meditate with the intention of opening your crown chakra, the best mantra to use is “om” which means, “I am.” You have to be able to look at your own shadows first, without judgment, to see your unique talents in order to find your purpose. You have to be willing to put in the work once you see these repressed parts of yourself. Only then can you truly live a blissful and enlightened life. There will always be trials; you cannot have bliss without suffering. In those moments of suffering, as long as we are open to receiving that universal wisdom, we learn the truth about ourselves. Putting in the work to learn and overcome suffering allows the space for bliss to grow. The seed blooms into a flower, always to return back to the seed. But it will always bloom again because that is life, as we know it.


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