What kind of movement should you incorporate for this vata season? In fall we experience windy, dry, and cooler weather patterns, with the occasional hot day. But when it comes to consistency, establishing your movement routine for the end of the year will positively impact your health and how good you feel in the colder months! The most consistent and balancing practice you can do this time of year is yoga.

            Yoga brings a grounding energy for all the doshas, which is great during this vata season when we can experience increased anxiety and up flowing energy. It can also keep the body circulation moving, aiding in keeping you warm when the weather becomes very chilly. Yoga and movement will look a little different for each dosha, but remember that consistency is the most important aspect of this practice. Routine and consistency are great for vata so what kind of yoga should you begin and how can you find the best time to do it?

Sun Salutations

            Begin your day with a Sun Salutation flow! This is a great exercise for each dosha. It is best to do when you wake up with the sun as we see the days start to grow shorter and shorter. Sun Salutations boost the circulation of blood, keeping you warmer and feeling more alive and awake! It creates strength and flexibility in the body while also being a subtle movement practice as this is more of what we gravitate toward with colder weather.

Warrior Poses

            Warrior poses increase flexibility and stability, making it another wonderful pose to use in your practice this fall. Warrior II and I are great for stretching the front and back of the body and building strength in your core, legs and back.

Side Stretches

            Side stretches release tension from the muscles surrounding the ribs and lungs. This effectively helps with breathing which can be restricted if there is present anxiety or shortness of breath. Side stretch poses include revolved Head-to-Knee pose, side plank variation, and Gate pose.

Twists and Bends

            Seated twist and bend moves are the best grounding moves. Seated forward bends alone will make one feel more in tune while also helping with breathing. Half Lord of the Fish is a very opening and grounding move to use while triangle pose and Eagle pose provide balance and focus in planting into the ground.

            During the last few months of the year, many tend to overlook movement and exercise. This causes bad circulation of the blood, which is when we need it the most during the cold and flu season. Starting a short 30-minute yoga routine can boost your energy and immunity and also provide a sense of routine and structure to help the vata energy that will be present right now. Try and keep your practice at the same time everyday, this will make your body’s internal clock very happy. Holding a ritual like this through the fall and winter will set you up for a very healthy and successful start to the year.


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