There will be a New Moon at 11:06am PST on Thursday, Feb. 11, indicating two very distinct lunar days before and after, K15 and S1. The New Moon and the Full Moon are culminations, and pivot points for the lunar cycle of waning and waxing. Therefore, there is a period of time just before a new Moon where the momentum of waning light is at its darkest. At that point, the New Moon stands like a dark jewel in the sky, held in suspension without light for a moment before the waxing cycle bring more light onto its surface, en route to the Full Moon 15 days later.

This is an important distinction when planning and predicting life using the information of our stars. Another name for K15, or the final lunar day before the apex of a New Moon is Amavasya. This day is a pivot point for our actions and focus, where introversion and withdrawal are in your best interest. Avoid beginning new jobs, singing contracts, and setting energy into motion to shape your future. Now that you have a surplus of energy otherwise spent running errands or meeting your friends, you can create ceremony around honoring your parents, elders, or ancestors. This can be as simple as a phone call, voice message, email, or meditation. Another silver bullet to activate the full power of Amavasya, which I practice each month, is a day-long fast. Removing consumption and metabolism from Amavasya allows the peak of lunar darkness to pass over without affecting your subconscious mind. If you are like me, fasting may be challenging and uncomfortable. However, relegating this ancient practice to one day each month is a manageable ambition, provides a taste of emotional clarity, and builds a strong foundation to launch into the waxing phase of the Moon with focus and conviction.

The Moon is also now in Capricorn, meaning there are a total of 6 out of 9 planets all together in Saturn’s cardinal earth sign, Capricorn.

Along with Mars in its own cardinal sign of Aries, this means that 7 planets are all expressing their energy through cardinal, or chara, signs.

This is a time for the continual expansion of goals and harnessing the resources needed to do so. Treat each day like an opportunity to upgrade your ‘self’ and the conditions of your life. You may find that an upgraded version of yourself is more capable to share the love and find the time needed to cultivate relationships you care to grow.

Touching on the 3 gunas (sattva, rajas, and tamas), cardinal signs naturally posses a rajas guna. They are the spark of energy with a large capacity for endless tasks. Prying more into Capricorn, we find Saturn who is intrinsically tamasic, therefore the combination of sign ruler and sign quality creates a sattvic sign. Capricorn is therefore an earth sign best suited for sattvic goals. This is the time to create with the future in mind. Balance your check books, open a Roth investment account, and invest in trade schools or skills to enrich the rest of your life.

Mercury is in a retrograde phase, making proofreading a must. Look back over old agreements and seek out the intentions cast then. With any luck, you may expose the subconscious mind operating in a clandestine control over your life today. Mercury retrograde can simply be an invitation to investigate, and double check your work.

Friday, February 12

The Sun enters Aquarius, and as a general rule of thumb, solar ingress days are best for maintenance and restorative practices like massage, rest, bathing, meditation, or yin yoga.


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