Many of you have already felt it, but the fall and wind are here in all their glory! The weather is cooler and the dry qualities of Vata are in full swing. You might have also noticed that with this change, your body and skin is changing. Dry, tight skin is a big indicator that you need more moisture in your daily routine, and that includes your diet as well as skincare. For those of you that are experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms, lets talk about some ways to keep you hydrated this season.

            Internal and external hydration is what is going to keep you feeling best in this dry, cold Vata season. So how do you keep your skin glowing, but not feel too oily, yet not uncomfortably dry?

Using Products: External hydration can provide quick relief for dry, flaky skin. Moisturizers, facemasks, and exfoliators will be your best friend during this time. Make sure you are moisturizing as soon as you get out of the shower. even while your body is still wet. Evaporation of water off the skin will leech more water from your body that you cannot risk losing. Locking in the moisture with light oil will benefit you through your day as well. Light exfoliators will aid in removing dead skin cells that cause dry rough skin. Using honey, yogurt, and ground oats can be a hydrating and nourishing facemask or exfoliant. Try making a honey turmeric mask for both hydration and gentle exfoliation.

Drinking Water and Tea: Drinking plenty of water as we come out of the summer months is incredibly important in keeping your digestion regular as well as supplying hydration. To avoid any increased cold qualities, incorporate hot tea or warm lemon water into your day. The warm water helps nourish and moisturize from within, while also warming the body and pacifying an accumulation of Vata. Teas with honey can provide extra warmth, sweetness, and boost agni when it might otherwise be diminishing.

Abhyanga – Oil massage everyday before your shower provides fast relief of dry, tight skin. It allows the skin to retain its moisture, keeping glowing and fresh. Oil massage is great for each dosha and is HIGHLY encouraged to practice in a transitional season as it helps your body adapt easier. Take a bit of Almond oil and gently massage you body in upward strokes, always towards your heart. This promotes blood circulation, which is warming and helps in digestion and better nourishment!

Include Fat and Oil in your Diet – Many people avoid including fat and oils in their diet due to the fact that it sounds unhealthy. However, your brain uses over 60% of the fat and oil you consume in order to function. Essential fatty acids are critical to include into your diet. Fish protein contains essential Omega-3 fatty acids. This is the best fat for your brain. Coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, and avocado oils are among the best oils to include in your cooking this season. Ghee soaked nuts or dates are a good snack for this time of year as ghee helps to stimulate the flow of fluids within the body. You can add Ghee to literally anything.

            In general, each of the doshas have different skin types. Get to know your dosha first to find how you will best support your body in this transitional season to keep you glowing and radiant. If you have questions, always reach out to us through Instagram, Facebook, or shoot us an email. We are always here to help!


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