Continuing with our dive into chakras, let’s look at the Sacral Chakra this week, which is the second of the seven chakras. If you haven’t already, I highly encourage you to check out our other article called “Aligning Chakras: Root Chakra” to learn about the first Chakra as well as the connection these energies have to the nervous system.

            As we discussed last week, in Ayurveda our bodies are aligned with seven energies. These energies connect the mind, body, and spirit. Each chakra holds different experiences and information to an individual. The seven Chakras consist of: the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra. Today we will dive into the Sacral Chakra.

Where is the Sacral Chakra?

            The Sacral Chakra is aligned on your spine in your lower abdomen, below your navel. It is housed in different organs in your body such as reproductive organs, bowels, and your bladder and is associated with the element of water.  Just as water is associate with emotions and feelings so is the sacral energy. This chakra is responsible for creativity, fertility, abundance, sensuality, passion, and desire. Its function is to create self-identity, self-esteem, and procreation. It is the emotional epicenter!

Pranamaya: Made of Vital Essence

            Just as the Root Chakra is associated with its own kosha, or sheath, so is the Sacral Chakra. This sacral energy kosha is called Pranamaya, meaning “made of vital essence.”  This energy is just as it sounds, sacred and vital. Your emotions, desires, love for people, places, things, and what pushes you to enjoy life like you do is driven by this delicate and alluring energy. This kosha is also seen as the ethereal body. The electromagnetic field of the energy extends outward from the skin 6 centimeters away. The connection or attraction you may experience when you touch or brush past someone is this energy.

Balancing Sacral Energy

             Creating an open sacral chakra can be difficult for men and women alike, since this is where sexual energy, pleasure, and emotional attachments are found. In western culture, this can be unhealthily established at a young age, making it an important area to address within yourself if you feel uncomfortable at all. Ladies, take a look at your feminine energy and ask yourself if you feel strong within who you are as a woman. Gentlemen take a look at your masculine energy and ask the same thing. Then switch. Women, ask yourself if you feel comfortable in your masculine side, and men if you are comfortable in your feminine. In women, this may look like having the self-confidence to take control in knowing what they want. Men, this may look like surrendering to what goes on around you and remaining confident in whatever the outcome may be. These are just a couple examples, but when it comes to sacral energy, examining your personal desire and exactly how you go about getting it will reveal a lot about how balanced or imbalanced your sacral energy is. Ultimately, cultivating love for you is the only way to lead an absolutely authentic and abundant life. Having pure love for yourself attracts that exact love back to you.

Imbalances in the Sacral Chakra

             As mentioned previously, each chakra holds different experiences and energies for a person. For sacral energy, this is where fears of intimacy and pleasure are housed. With that, shame, guilt, and fear of change may be felt if an imbalance is present. A major sign of blockage in this energy is an inability to express emotions, as well as being overly emotional and attached. Some may even feel pain or discomfort in their hips, lower back, or genital region.

          Imbalances can cause extreme amounts of distrust of oneself as well as others. It can be emotionally exhausting and disheartening to experience. The Sacral Chakra is so important for awareness in ones self as well as the ability to LOVE ones self. It plays a key role in having awareness for when you need to go inward. Going inward with a focus on healing the sacral chakra can bring up tumultuous and traumatic experiences so always be patient with your energy.

            Some ways you can open the sacral energy or clear any blockages can include:

  • Spending time in water
  • Practicing Yoga: specifically Goddess Pose and Revolved Triangle Pose
  • Drinking water and staying hydrated
  • Connecting with your partner or yourself intimately
  • Wearing orange as this is the color of the Sacral Chakra
  • Aromatherapy using Orange or Sandalwood
  • Meditation
  • Talking through associated trauma with a therapist

            If you have a desire to meditate with a focus on opening your sacral energy, recite the mantra “Vam” meaning “I feel” as you sit and just be. Allow yourself to feel all emotions that may arise with the vibration of this word, as this is a beautiful sign that you are clearing blocks that may be present. Always meet yourself in that moment, knowing you are safe, and allow it to flow through you because you are never wrong for feeling. It may also help to write down what comes to the surface, and then talk about it with a therapist or trusted individual. You may laugh, you may cry. You may feel every emotion in between. Surrender to what is and trust the process of you.


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