We have arrived at a critical juncture in life. Last two years have been an intense ride for humanity. We have seen or suffered at our core. The world seem fractured, divided, and in disharmony. Melody is out of tune because the orchestra is exhausted and overwhelmed.
According to the Vedas, one of the yogic sciences, this period is considered the dark age or “Kali Yuga.” There is a long way before we get to “Satya Yuga” the light age. The work to see the light, however, begins in the dark.
We are part of the universe according to Ayurveda, a science of life. Atman “individual consciousness” is always connected to Brahman “universal consciousness.” We are part of that atom which once was a volcano or a mountain top and we still embody every water molecule which made river Ganga or the Pacific ocean. And we are still part of the dirt under our feet. We come from nature and go back to nature.
In this sense, to envision a wholesome world, we first have to become whole. It begins with our own healing. “Mana Jeetay Jagjeet,” to conquer the world we first have to conquer our own mind according to Guru Granth Sahib, one of the holy scriptures.
This pivotal time calls upon us all for the inner journey, which is self healing. It may be difficult for most, but there is always light at end of the tunnel. Let us envision the world which is free, peaceful, and whole. To get there, let us heal ourselves and cultivate a wholesome being.
May all beings be happy, healthy, and whole. May all your aspirations be realized! Happy almost new year!
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