Join us for our Ayurveda and Mental Health workshop on February 1st from 10am-1pm. A delicious Ayurvedic meal and recipes will be included!

Ayurveda is an integration of mind, body and spirit. The mind is a portal to pleasure and pain. Tools for regulating the mind can be invaluable for reducing suffering and enhancing joy. According to Ayurveda, physical diseases occur mainly due to external factors such as wrong diet or exposure to pathogens. Mental diseases arise mainly from internal factors, such as mis-use of the senses and the accumulation of negative emotions. This session includes guided mediation and pranayama(breathing) exercises.

We will close the workshop by sharing a freshly prepared, organic Ayurvedic meal.

If you have further questions email us at or give us a call at (831) 295-6279. 

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