What is your healthy diet missing? It’s been research that ancient humans ate up to five times the amount of fiber than modern humans. As well as eating a higher fat diet, the sweets they had probably weren’t sweeter than a carrot. Today we eat more carbohydrates and sugars than ever. We have been told that fats make you fat and to have “sugar-free” processed foods. While eating less sugar is good, “sugar free” is a host of chemicals instead. Sugar isn’t the only problem as we are told. The chemicals in processed foods make us have cravings for more processed foods and sugar. Do you ever feel like you need to have sweets or some form of sugar to keep your energy up? This is because its quick, easy energy and there is a lack of sustainable energy in our system.

We have been told that fat is also bad for the past 30 years, while also giving us processed fats and oils with very long shelf lives. The problem with this is that many of the processed fats and oils are not easily digestible or not digestible at all. These oils congest the liver and give you little energy. However, the body needs fiber, fat, and healthy sugars. The body gets its energy mainly from (healthy) fats or carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are long chains of sugars. When there are only processed fats, no complex carbohydrates, and chemicals, the body will rely on and crave quick carbs and sugars. This led to a huge intake of carbohydrates accompanying the “fat makes you fat” campaign. We now see gluten be targeted as the “evils” of our diet, when it’s how the gluten is processed and the amount of gluten in our diet that overwhelms our system. However, take a gluten intolerance seriously.

No food should be bad or evil if it’s a whole food. Our bodies are incredibly smart and will crave and attain the energy it needs even if that means energy drinks and sweets. The problem is not carbs or sugars but our relationship to food. When we take out good fats we crave sugar and then use carbs and sugars for energy. How can we stop this boomerang?

Adding more fiber and fat into your diet can help stop the cravings and unstable blood sugar. Fiber can increase you intestinal functions and it feeds the good gut bacteria of the intestinal tract to better digest food and support your immune system. It can slow the absorption of sugars into your blood stream while satiating the pallet to stop overeating. Also, fiber helps get rid of toxic bile of our intestines. If there is a lack of fiber the bile while be reabsorbed into the body.

To boost your immunity and support your gut health it’s important to have fat and fiber. They both work as a fuel supply for your gut bacteria. Your gut health is the key in Ayurveda to optimizing your health and reducing diseases.

Heal from within and you can begin to heal the world around you.

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