Moon in Rohini, Nov. 2nd – 3rd

Amidst the dust kicked up as our political wheel makes another rotation and a (visible) leader is elected, the Moon will be gracefully swinging through it’s sign of exaltation, and mulatrikona, Taurus. This is a very lunar friendly asterism to be posited in, as the Moon is the natural ruler of the Rohini nakshatra, and operates at its best within Taurus .

“Beauty, sensuality, charisma and charm can be reflected here. Its primary motivation, though, is moksha or spiritual liberation…The ruling deity is Brahma, the creator of the universe. Thus, tremendous creativity and gifts in the fine arts can result with planets posited here,” Dennis Harness.

In elective astrology, we look to favorable celestial positions to enact certain qualities of action. The Rohini nakshatra is Dhruva in nature, indicating “that this is good for stable, permanent, and persevering results,” Freedom Cole. As echoed in the theatrics of an election, this nakshatra brings success in the “commencement of coronations and new job positions, remedial measures, planting trees, benefits for the town, dharmic works, or sowing seeds,” Freedom Cole.

Venus is also in its sign of debilitation, Virgo, opposition to retrograde Mars in Pisces. Therefore, there is a magnetism toward hedonistic desires and seeking luxury without considering the price. These are shadow qualities of Rohini, which must be acknowledged due to the compounding emphasis from the current Venus and Mars relationship. Rohini in its shadow form may “win (you) the kingdom, but lose your soul.” Issues with jealousy and attachment can arise, for example when a nation is divided on who they believe belongs in the white house, as a (public) face operated by the obscured tentacles of government; not being attached to the outcome of this election will pay your quality of life in dividends.


Mercury goes direct in Libra, Nov. 3rd

There is a sigh of relief to be felt now that Mercury is returning to direct motion in Libra. Mercury represents our mind, intellect, speech, technology, commerce, and the development of human ingenuity. Sometimes, in its higher form, “Mercury will play the fool to express their adaptability and wit to learn what would otherwise be hidden from them,” David Frawley. This taken into consideration, the direct motion of Mercury will highlight the social communication and balanced thoughts seen through Libra. Amending petty differences, taking the leap to understand somebody on a divisive issue, and openly communicating the beauty of others will harmonize with this aspect.


Venus in Virgo, Trining Saturn in Capricorn

As mentioned above, this is no easy time for Venusian affairs. Venus in Virgo, opposition retrograde Mars in Pisces, as well as trining a powerful Saturn in Capricorn can lead to overindulgence for sense pleasure, and existing in tense relationships where the default coping mechanism is escapism. The lockdown has pulled relationships tighter together, for better or worse,  and the malefic impacts of Saturn and Mars on a weakened Venus can be quite destructive, depending on the degree your chart amplifies or pacifies this transit. There will be a lack of emotional connection necessary for a smooth flow of love in relationships. The entertainment industry is also feeling the weight of this aspect, as there is a significant chance for an explosion of scandals. This energy will continue to unearth scams and deceits in the world, as even large systems such as nations are only comprised of human beings, just like you. The shadows are catching up and the time is now to align with your personal dharma and hold steady as the fabric around us seems to be shaking.





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