Although we celebrate Earth each and every day, today is special because it is Earth day! Happy Earth day to every being, large and small, every creature and animal, every insect, plant, and fish. Wherever you may be, this is our planet and today we celebrate it globally.

            Our connection to nature is at a subatomic level. Every element exists within us and is crucial for our survival. Water, earth, fire, and air all reside within us, between us, and beyond us. There is nothing greater or truer than nature. Ayurveda’s entire principles are based on the philosophies of the elements. Nature guides, provides, and teaches us who we are. It shows us where we come from and what is important. It does this through sounds, taste, smell, touch, and form. This day, along with every other day, there exists an unspoken, synchronized orchestration. This orchestration continues forward regardless of ANYTHING. The oceans flow, the wind stirs, and the sun burns warm and golden. The soil produces sustenance, and bacteria and fungus decompose. The wheel keeps turning and we must not forget what our role as humans are in this divine arrangement.

            Human beings are given consciousness. Are lions and elephants given this awareness? I like to think so, but we will never be sure. However, in this silent dance we perform together, there is still harmony. Given this consciousness, it is our purpose to use it with light and love. The capacity of human intelligence and its awareness are limitless if you allow it to be. A person who acquires this awareness opens doors. Doors to a higher self, understanding, and compassion. Understanding and compassion make up true love. To be able to see someone or something for its entirety, including all the bad it may possess, while maintaining compassion, is what being human is about. Acceptance from the heart leads to kindness and love.

            Our world is desensitized to the word Love. To see a person for all their flaws, to then love those flaws with the awareness that they are only manifestations beyond their control, is true love. Taking the hand of a person in need and accepting them for exactly where they are at is love. Love is intimate, but does not inherently need to be romantic or sexual. Love is more than a feeling in your heart. It is the sound of an ocean wave gliding over the shore in a breathless exhale. It is the sweet morning light of the sun rising once again. It is the buzzing wing of a honey bee landing on a flower. All of these moments have energy, a pure vibration of nature. Pure vibrations of nature are true, and anything that is truth is love. Nature can be hostile and serious on one side of the world while being gentle and warm on the other. Take time to observe these components of nature. View them as they are and love them because it is apart of the orchestration you are in. Then in turn, use that awareness as you live your day-to-day life. Observe humans the way you observe nature. Be compassionate and understanding to actions and conversations you witness. Know that wherever you may be, someone may be in the complete opposite situation, and see the love connecting the two. Taking care of one another is the only way we can truly take care of our Earth. Our Earth is what provided us these tools to begin with, so use them as they were intended to be used. That’s with light, graciousness, passion, and love.

            We must never forget what our role as humans are in this divine arrangement. Take a moment today to stand before a vast ocean, take a walk through a forrest, or sit and have a cup of tea with a friend outside. But don’t forget to thank this earth for what it provides us with everyday. If you woke up tomorrow with only the things you said you were grateful for today, what would you have?

Happy Earth day today and everyday!


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