Join us on June 1st from 10am to 1pm for our workshop on eating a seasonal diet and lifestyle. As it turns from spring to summer, we need to cleanse our bodies and start adjusting to the hotter season.

Learn how to start your summer off right by knowing what vegetables, fruits, grains, and oils to eat for an optimal season. We know veggies are important, but do you know why? The cellulose in vegetables attaches to the bile that is attached to toxic cholesterol, and escorts it into the toilet. If we don’t eat enough veggies, up to 94% of the bile with toxins are re-absorbed back to the liver and blood stream where they put us at cardiovascular risk.

In this workshop we will be talking about the seasonal diet especially the summer meal plan, lifestyle activities, detoxification strategies, and some of the common Ayurvedic herbs. A freshly prepared organic meal is enjoyed at the end.

This event is held at the community classroom at the West side New Leaf at 1101 Fair Avenue, Santa Cruz.

We hope to see you there!

PS please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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