The Acne and Ayurveda Course Teaser

What if you had the exact steps to get your acne struggles under control?

From confusion to clarity?
From randomness to awareness?

… All with a few powerful beauty tweaks based on ayurvedic principles

You could improve your skin in just 30 days

This Course can…

Give you exactly the tools you need to understand and prevent acne…for good.

In this easy-to-digest course…

You’ll get to work with me and a professional wellness coach and certified personal trainer.

Let us introduce you to our friend, Karine Ponce
Founder, Lunar Method– Wellness Coach

Karine holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, a certificate in holistic nutrition from Bauman College, and is a NASM certified personal trainer with a specialization in kettlebells.

For the past two years, Karine has been coaching women on how to build and sustain a holistic lifestyle that takes into account the mind, body, and spirit. Karine’s nurturing coaching style has earned her a loyal client following and growth of her brand, Lunar Method.

Karine’s ability to connect clients back with their intuitive wisdom sets her apart from other coaches and guru’s that create a dependency in their teaching style. Karine empowers clients through a continual progression of her own knowledge that she shares with clients regularly.

Karine is originally from South America and speaks Spanish, Portuguese and English, it’s her passion to create inclusivity in the wellness space.

In this comprehensive training program, you’ll learn absolutely everything you’ll need to successfully clear your acne, reduce inflammation and return the confidence and radiance that been hiding under your acne.

  • Learn what works for your skin type (and what doesn’t work)
  • Learn the best morning rituals for you + night protocol
  • Learns what products to use + what oils to use
  • Learn nutrition based on your specific body type to prevent acne (aka your dosha…keep scrolling)



Diet, stress and makeup all affect Acne…

But did you know your the location on your face where YOU’RE break outs is determined by your organs?

Moment of honesty…

I know you’ve been let down before and frustrated because other treatments haven’t worked. You don’t want to waste your time or money on something that won’t help. We’ve been in your shoes before and we can tell you the proof is in the pudding. These methods work…because Karine went through this program herself!

…and more

For every scenario life throws at you, you’ll get exercises on how to
apply these tools to your life, right away — to instantly know:

  • What foods to avoid that cause flare-ups
  • How to deal with inflammation
  • How to reduce stress with this one amazing tool
    (* hint * you already own it)